How to report Multiple Regression Results

Dear Forum,

for my thesis I want to investigate the relationship between certain health behaviors (e.g. eating behavior) and participants preference for a certain decision mode, which is measured with two scales (Scale A and Scale B). I also control for age and gender.

Ex.: Do people with a strong preference for decision mode A have a healthier diet than people with a weak preference for decision mode A?

Basically, I want to investigate the relationship of each scale with every health behavior (5 in total), so I conducted 5 regression analysis with the 4 independet variables: Score on Subscale A, Score on Subscale B, Gender and Age. I have included the other scale respectively to control for its influence.

Now I want to report the results for each subscale indepently. Is there a clever way to do that without having to report every model for each DV?

The attachment shows how I tried to do it so far. E-PD and E-PI are the two subscales. Is that an appropriate way to show how they relate with health behavior?
Do I also need to report if the models were significant and R²?

I hope this is understandable. Thanks so much for your help!