How to run mixed effect model from R (lme4 package) in MPlus

I've been running mixed effect models in R with random intercepts and slopes, but I can't figure out how to run similar models in MPlus.

In R, I used the lme4 package to test a model like:

model = lmer(Gaze ~ Freq + A + (1 + Freq|Subject) + (1+A|Subject), data = dataset)
Note that Gaze, Freq, and A are continuous variables, and we want Subject intercepts and random Freq and A slopes. Any idea how I would test this model in Mplus?

MPlus code so far:

File is "C:\Users\...\file.csv";

Names are Gaze Freq A Subject;
Missing is Gaze Freq A (-999);

Type = twolevel random;
Algorithm = integration;
Integration = 10;

I'm new to MPlus, so I don't know how I would specify the model. The MPlus user's manual does not seem to provide an example I can work off of. I found some people recommending using model 6.13 in the user's manual as an example, but I thought a growth model was different…? Any help would be appreciated.