How to test for differences between sevaral factors


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Hi there,

quite new to stats and was wondering whether someone can help with this?

I've just finished an experiment investigating the survival of plants in different locations of woodlands. I have two different populations of the same species which were transplanted into two different sites. within each site was three conditions. (1) not colonised, (2) already present site, (3) previously colonised. Each with 60 replicates (2 x 30).
I've managed to get survival data for 9 months for each site. I'm having trouble trying to analyse the data. I want to try and analyse the variation in survival, within the conditions as well as between population over the 9 months but cannot find a suitable statistical method to do so. I've tried Mann Whitney and Kolmogorov Smirnov independence test but you can only analyse two data sets at a time. Is there any other methods anyone can recommend?