How to visualize linear multiple regression?


I have data from measuring und now i have made linear multiple regression to describe one size from five another sizes.

I have get an equation with the following form:


How can I visualize this data in four different plots, which have the form:

y-axis y; x-axis x1
y-axis y; x-axis x2
y-axis y; x-axis x3
y-axis y; x-axis x4

Can somebody give a hint, how i can make it?


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What is the point of the plots you want to make? Always keep that in mind. What are you trying to show?
I'm trying to make a model, which describes how y depends on the different xi. I want to show this dependences with the help of plots. (For example: The first plot should show how good the model describes the relationship between y and x1)


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If they are all continuous variables, you can just use a bunch of scatterplots and can overlay the respective predictive slope from the model. Just make sure you let the reader know that the model control for the other variables.