Howa To categorize a continious variable

Hi everybody,

I am a new member in your forum, hope everyone is going well, and hope that you can help me for this simple question :

How should I proceed to categorize a continuous variable:

continuous variable : values between 9 and 57

Howa to know how many categories to choose and to know the intervals of values.

looking at the quartiles, just the median or see something in the distribution. I am confused please Help me.

I would like to use the categorized variable in a phreg proc on sas, as class variable. I am interested in the categorized variable and not continuous.

thank you for your reply


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Ok. Why don't you explain what you're trying to do overall. It seems like there's probably a better way to do what you want to do but you're focused on this small detail right now. So give us some background and we'll see if this is even the right direction to be heading down.

I have to do a cox proportional hazard regression, and I have some variables to use with he proc phreg, the most of these variables are categorical, and in my project i have to use just categorical variables so i am looking how to do this.

May be as you are telling me, that it is not the better way to do this, but I al interested to know how to categorize.