I am lost

I have taken fairly well to statistics so far, but I have been totally stumped by this most recent addition to my level of confusion: p-values

What is the upper and lower value that a p-value can take if I am given the t-test statistic and the df? I see nothing about this anywhere, and I had no idea a p-value could have an upper and lower possible value.

I am also lost by questions about significance, whether they are true or false, or not supported by the data. Is there a rule of thumb for evaluating statements like that?

I am so lost I don't even know what questions to ask! Please give me some direction so I can make it through this course without my brain melting out of my head. Thank you.



TS Contributor

Your question is very general and can't be addressed in a couple of posts. I do offer fee-based online tutoring - see the link at the bottom of my post.

John, I get an error 404 file not found when I click your link.

I know I can get a fee based tutor, but as a single mother of three on a very tight budget, I can't afford much of anything extra.

Thanks anyway.