i need help interpreting this chart for a research article i'm studying

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this is the data i'm looking at. I'm a nursing student and we haven't really gone over statistics for this class. So, The first table examines the vital signs and pain score of 30 women following c-section using messaging and therapeutic techniques, the standard deviation for that study group was 2.04. For the control group, the following number of participants were the same and the standard deviation was 1.09. I have trouble understanding the T section of the graph and how they computed it. Also, the before and after data, I'm not understanding how they got the numbers after +/- (like 0.68, 8.28, 6.15..etc) I'm guessing that's the SD for each vital sign that was taken. I'm not sure since the article didn't have the data sampling of the 30 people in the study group


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Yes, likely means with standard deviations. T represents the t-statistic from likely a paired t-test or one-sample ttest of the before values minus after compared to "0". The Methods section of the paper should elucidate what they did.


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shouldn't it be the half-width of the (probably 95%) confidence interval? So, that the +/- number is 1.96*SD ?