I need help please :(

hello there.
I am taking Basic Statistic and I have turuble doing assingment chapter 8 it is about Estimation and Confidence Intervals any one here can help me do my assignment It is due tomorrow :(

this is the assignment

1) For students of statistics: Please try the problem on your own first, and tell us what you have done so far. The more information we have, the better we can help you. Please don't expect quick solutions to your homework. We'll help you get started, exchange ideas, how-to's, etc. but only if you show that you are willing to learn and put in effort as well.

first thanks for replay.
second I have read the chapter whole weekend I tried and tried but I didnt get the way to answer this. just now I got this web and I wish to find help here and it is due tomorrow


Can't make spagetti
well... unless either any other of the regular contributors to the board of i dont see some effort or interest on your behalf to provide some sort of answer, this board wont be very helpful either... it's policy. i mean, what did the chapter say that we could use there? for instance, let's take question one... what kind of distribution do proportions follow? i'm sure if you look at the drawings of the curves with all the shaded areas you're gonna find something that'll get you started...