I need help with this problem!

First of all thanks to anyone who helps, I am so lost!

Here is my question
My teacher had us toss hearsey kisses 5 times and count how many landed on their base
toss 1 had 5
toss 2 has 2
toss 3 had 2
toss 4 had 3
toss 5 had 1
so the total was 13

then he gave us this problem:
We treat the 50 results for each student as 50 independent trials. We make the assumption that the 10 tosses within a trial are roughly independent to expedite data collection. Therefore n=50 and x is the total numbers of candies that landed completely on their base.

1. Using your data from 50 tosses, test the claim that the population proportion of kisses that land completely on the base is 50% and at 10% level of significance
a. state the null and alternative hypothesis
b. state the level of significance
c. determine the standardized test statistic
d. calculate the p-value
e. make a decision to reject or fail to reject
f. interpret the decision in the context of the original claim