I need to test within and between factors at the same time. Which test should I use?

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to analyze the results of my Master Thesis with SPSS.
I've 3 experimental conditions (factor: Group) and every subject in each condition has 2 expressions (factor: Hemisphere). I want to test the effects of these 2 factors on my dependent variable A. What I would like to test is:
- effects of Group on A
- effects of Group x Hemisphere on A
- effects of Hemisphere on A between my 3 Groups
- effects of Hemisphere on A whithin my 3 Groups

If I understood correctly, this corresponds to a repeated measures ANOVA. Is that correct?
However I'm not sure whether I should use a parametric test. My data appears to be normally distributed, but my sample size is really small (n=8 per group). Do you think I should rather use a non-parametric test? What would be the equivalent of a repeated measures ANOVA for non-parametric statistics?

Thank you very much for your help!