Identifying certain samples in a group

My objective is to understand whether a manufactured item made with a modified process looks better than that same item made with a current process. My thought was to layout an equal number of each and have people identify which are the better ones (the question being, are they "better" enough to warrant the additional cost of the modified process). How do I best accomplish this? They would pick the best of the bunch, with perfection meaning that they picked the half that was made with the modified process. At this point I get lost. If they are able to pick out the half that are made with the modified process (because they look better), then I would say that the exercise was a success. How would I set up this test quantitatively? A proportions test where p = 1.0 (meaning, every piece was identified correctly), or some other method?

By the way, I'm new to this community and am thankful for any helpful responses.