Im lost. Im in serious need of assistance in Statistics

Hi everyone Im Christopher from the Philippines. I am working on a research right now.
One of the objectives of my study is to know the significant difference between.

1. Number of Medication Errors that were REPORTED to the Nursing Service and
2. Number of Medication Errors that were ACTUALLY committed by the Nurses.

I want to check if there is indeed a problem with regard to the the Medication Error Reporting System of our Hospital.

These are the data that I got

In 2011
Total Number of Incident Reports: 174 incidents
Number of Medication Errors: 43 incidents or 24.71%

Actual: A survey was done to ask the nurses how many medication errors have they done in actuality.
Total Number of Respondents: 168
Total Number of Respondents that answered the error: 33 respondents
Total Number of Medication Errors done by these 33 respondents: 233 medication errors.

Apparently there is indeed a big difference in the number of medication errors:

Reported: 43
Actually Committed: 233

But i cant significantly and statistically prove its difference.

This problem have been bugging my mind for a month now. i searched online about what to do and i couldnt seem to find any answer. :(
My dear experts, your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank you