I'm new here

I'm Zainab, im statistic major , but if you ask me questions about stat, I might answer few of them , that is way I entered the google and googled about any thing which could help me to improve my skills and to understand more about statistic.
I talk alot of courses in stat like, regression, probability, sampling techniques and alot more, but how to talk what is important from each course , this is what I'm goaling in this forum.
I like work with numbers, and mostly with people.
Like to liston and share, and do my best.
If any body have an idea about from where can start to know more about my major and to improve what I have , I will be so glade to here from any body.
I hope that we all share nice moments here and wish good luck for every body including myself.


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frm where did u take the course in r. and dint u other advanced course in it

sry dint u take other advanced course in it. And yes it requires practice