I'm new!

Hello, my name is Clay, and I'm looking to learn more about statistics as well as increase my comfort level with what I know already. After looking around, this seems like the best place to do that.

I graduated from college with a dual degree in Accounting and Mgmt Info Systems. And I've been working in the Business Intelligence sector for about 3 years now. So my statistics background is light, but I'd say well founded. Anyway, please excuse my newbishness for a while, the reason I'm here is to become less of a newb and more of a contributor.


:welcome: b4d_k42m

Business Intelligence sounds interesting. Could you tell us a little more about what this means and how you for see stats benefiting the work that you do?
Sure, Business Intelligece (BI) means a lot of different things, but for me it means providing users with data in such a way that helps them to make timely, informed decisions on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

This data comes in many different forms, spreadsheets, email alerts, websites, tickets, but Dashboards are the typical example. This is where we give users a set of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) on each location. The key here is to have a manageable list of the most meaningful metrics that apply to every location. So that a manager can glance at the dashboard and within seconds know who is performing well/poorly and where they should focus their attention.

I use statistics to develop more meaningful KPI, from Annualizing a metric, to developing projections. I'm here because I am trying to become more sophisticated with my predictive metrics, so that users can not only see what they've done, but also get an idea of where they're going.