Im terrible at this. Help Please!

Ok so I'm pretty sure this should be simple enough but Im not good at this at all.

Basically; 32 participants tested (within design).

They all completed 3 tests (subject test, URL test, email test) before training.
Then they all completed 3 tests (subject test, URL test, email test) after training.

I want to compare their results in each test before and after training, to find out which tests their scores improved on - simple right?

But I also want to know for which test the training was most beneficial, like they may improve on them all, but which did they improve on the most and was the difference in improvement statistically significant? So I also need to compare the 3 tests against one another (subject v url v email). This is where im getting stuck for what analysis to run. Any help would be great! Thanks.


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It is not quite clear what your software(SPSS-)specific question is.
You mean, you know which analysis you want to perform, but
you don't know how it is called in SPSS, or where it is found in SPSS?


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You know the mean increase in scores so you can simply show which is greater. Generating a test of statistical signficance is more difficult becase the same people took each test so you can't use an independent t test (and I can't see how a paired t test would work here).

Another issue would be order effect, the order the test were given might influence the results unless you gave the three test in random order before and after the training.