Importing excel sheets using macro statment

I need to complete an four tasks as follows:
There are 3 Excel files, DATAFILE1.XLS, DATAFILE2.XLS and DATAFILE3.XLS

Copy these files into the folder: C:\SUM_2016\SUM2016_HW\HW6\

1.Write a SAS macro to convert each one of these 3 Excel files into 3 SAS datasets

2.Write a SAS macro to combine all records of DATAFILE3 and DATAFILE2.

3.Write a SAS macro to combine DATAFILE1 and DATAFILE2 so that you have records only for those values of ID that are in DATAFILE1.

4.Write a SAS macro to combine all three files so that you have records only for those values of ID that are in all 3 datasets.

I submitted the following program, but my instructor said, "None of your macros have any arguments to it. You have used the actual datafile names without referring to them using a macro variable."

Submitted program
options nodate nonumber;
libname hw6 '\\client\C$\SUM_2016\SUM2016_HW\HW6';

/* Convert Excel files into datasets */;
%macro imp(file=, sheet=, dsn=);
proc IMPORT OUT=&dsn
%let import='\\client\C$\SUM_2016\SUM2016_HW\HW6\datafile1.xls';
%imp(file=&import, dsn=dataset1);
%let import='\\client\C$\SUM_2016\SUM2016_HW\HW6\datafile2.xls';
%imp(file=&import, dsn=dataset2);
%let import='\\client\C$\SUM_2016\SUM2016_HW\HW6\datafile3.xls';
%imp(file=&import, dsn=dataset3);

/* Combine all records of DATAFILE3 and DATAFILE2 */;
%macro comb;
data comb32;
set dataset3 dataset2;
%mend comb;

/* Combine DfILE1 and DfILE2_for IDs from 1 */;
%macro m12;
data d1d2m_2;
merge dataset1(in=a) dataset2;
by id;
if a;
%mend m12;

/* Combine all three files */;
%macro m_all;
data d1d2d3_1;
merge dataset1 (in = a) dataset2 (in = b) dataset3(in = c);
by id;
if a and b and c;
%mend m_all;

proc print data = comb32;

proc print data = d1d2m_2;

proc print data = d1d2d3_1;

Please help!!:shakehead
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