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Hello everyone!
I am by no means an expert on stats, and currently I am enrolled online in a stats course and in need of help (that the professor sadly doesn’t really offer, unless help is a condescending remark).
Basically, I am working on a stats project about fatal car accidents. I have stats on total # of accidents by year, total # of alcohol-related accidents, and a breakdown of male a female per year. My project is to help influence a business decision, and I have chosen to take the position of an employee at a rideshare company (like Uber) and where to focus marketing efforts as a means to try to help curbing drunk-driving accidents. We are required to conduct two tests, so I figured forecasting and confidence intervals may be okay options, but I am lost. I think my understanding may not be clear enough, but I just do not know where to go and how to approach this. I don’t want anyone to give me full on answers, but can anyone tell me do these sound reasonable? And if not what may? Also, any recommendations on what kind of forecasting would be super appreciated. I’m so lost and so concerned :(

A little more info:
I wanted to find a way to show it's more beneficial to market towards men, since the data shows they're more responsible. I also wanted to do a forecasting approach to show what the numbers could potentially be in the future given my data, as a way to show whether a marketing push is worth it in the long run.
My data isn't super dense, however. I have 13 years, the total number per year, then how many were drinking-related, and broken down by male and female. So total 52 data points. Hopefully this helps! If not maybe I can provide more detail. Thank you, I really appreciate it!


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So you have number of accidents and as well as number of of alcohol-related accidents, both for males and for females?
Do you have the total number of male and female drivers?

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