Independent samples t-test OR 2 x 2 ANOVA (urgent help!)

Hello, I would like understand and make sure I am using the correct statistical analysis for the following hypothetical research proposal. I'm very confused as to whether I would have to conduct an independent samples t-test or an ANOVA as there are two levels to my IV and DV (I think?)

Research question: Self-affirmation techniques and direct feedback to improve agreeableness self-knowledge by reducing defensiveness as a self-protective motive.
Hypothesis: We predict that self-affirmation techniques will allow individuals to be more open and receptive to negative direct feedback and criticism by reducing defensiveness as a self-protective motive.
IV: One condition includes participants with self-affirmation techniques and direct feedback vs. Second condition with participants only receiving direct feedback (control)
DV: Reduction in self-protective motives (defensiveness) and improved agreeableness self-knowledge. Groups in the self-affirmation and direct feedback condition will improve agreeableness self knowledge as they will be more receptive to the feedback.
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