Independents and dependents Events

I've been sitting on this problem for awhile. i cannot figure it out. i looked in the back of the book for the answer ( independent; .000507) i've tried multiple combination of what it could be i'm stuck.

they're asking me what is the probability of A and B both occuring. and if its independent or dependent

A: when one of 222 coins is listed in data set 21 is randomly selected it is one of the 5 indian pennies
B: when another of the 222 coins that are listed is randomly selected it is also one of the 5 indian pennies.

ive tried (1/222)*(1/221)
the list goes on, if someone can point me in the right direction id appreciate it ?
I assume you have moved past this problem.. But i think i got it. I did (5/222) * (5/222) since they are independent. I only know they are independent because the answer key said so. I think they are dependant. Hopefully this helps??!