Input data (data view)

Hi I have a question about SPSS. This might sound really stupid though.

I have to run a regression, but prior to that, I have to check for correlation in SPSS.

The correlation is between my independent variables AND my independent variables on my dependent variables. I know where to find the "button" in SPSS, but I have no idea how to put the data in SPSS itself.

My dependent variable:
Shares of a product over a period of five years (2009 to 2014) for 30 countries

My independent variable:
The 4 dimensions of culture: PDI, IVD, UAI, and MAS (Geert Hofstede) for the same 30 countries (which is considered to be consistent over the five-year period)

And control variable:
GDP for these 30 countries over a period of five years

I now have them in separate excel sheets and I know I can import them in SPSS.
But where do the countries go, the shares, the dimensions, GDP? ROWS/COLUMNS? Do I have to make new sheets for every year? If this is done correctly, afterwards I can just simply run the regression?

I don't understand it at all SORRY!

Another question:
For these 30 countries, I have to distinguish them between 2 groups (as an additional control variable). I was told to make dummies. E.g. 13 out of the 30 countries need to be in group A and the other 17 in group B.
No Idea how to do it either and how to put it in the same SPSS sheet??

I am so sorry for the (easy?) LONG questions. I hope someone can help me