Installing Rtools


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I have Rstudio and R but I would like to add Rtools. I have to get our IT group to do this so I need to show them how (and that it cost nothing). Is there a simple way to add this.


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Just tell them it is an open-source add-on package for your statistical software, much like how MS Excel has add-on packages.


No cake for spunky
I note they say
"Note that rtools40 is only needed build R packages with C/C++/Fortran code from source. By default, R for Windows installs the precompiled “binary packages” from CRAN, for which you do not need rtools!"

I am pretty sure I have R for windows (everything we do uses that). But some R packages (I ran into one yesterday) still will not work without Rtools at least some functions will not. And I get warnings every time I import a new package that I need it.