Interest in Sports: a Moderator or Mediator in increasing sport behavior

Hi everyone.

I organize an intervention with outcome goal to increase physical activity, through the mediator "increased physical activity possibilities in your neighbourhood). I also want to include interest in sport as a moderator or mediator. But is this a moderator or a mediator? I am lost! Thank you for thinking with me.

best regards.
Dear ieked,

After reading your proposal, I thought that it looks like a bit messy to comprehend. Because some of your variables are not proper to use as mediator or moderator as you thought, in my opinion. At first, it is needed to be answered that what kind of intervention we are talking about? If you say that this intervention includes educating people for sports, giving them information about sports etc., you would predict that your intervention may have an impact on increasing physical activity but it can not be predicted that your intervention may affect increased physical activity possibilities in your neighbourhood. Because informing people about sports and increasing possibilities in neighbourhood for physical activity are quite different from each other. I acknowledge that your intervention is to focus on improving people about sports, in this way, even though it would be wrong, I tried to create a feasible model without having informations on this literature.

Below, I shared Hayes' model 15 and consider your variables in this model. X is your intervention, M is people's interest in sport as mediator, Y is sport behaviour and V is having possibilities in neighbourhood for physical activity as moderator. In this model, it can be thought that, your intervention may increase ppl's interest in sport then it may have an impact on increasing sport behaviour. Also, having possbilities for sport activity moderate both the relationship between X and Y and M and Y.

best wishes.