Interesting Stata problem

I have a data set with NBA players, teams, years and average points each player scored in a given year. What I am trying to determine is whether an individual has a complementary effect on a given team. Let’s suppose that we have two players A and B, two time periods 2000 and 2001 and teams IND and PHX. Player A played in Team IND for both years, whereas player B played in team PHX in 2000 and IND in 2001. Given there is a change in team membership of player B, I want to determine whether player B added a complimentary value (effect) in Team IND.

Player A Y2000 Y2001
Points 12.5 13.5

Player B Y2000 Y2001
Points 11.0 13.5

I want to do this for top two players in a team, top 3 players, top 4 players and Top 5 players and finally overall team. However, I have no clue on how to do this. I have data of 29 teams and 6 years Help!