Interpretation histogram - normal versus logged variable


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For the histogram of my variable 'ambidexterity,' I predicted the data to have something like two normal distributions for this variable, one at the left side of the variable series, with lower values, and one at the right side, with higher values, and in between those two distributions low or no values at all.

If I look at the distribution of the values of 'ambidexterity,' the data is positively skewed. However, there is on the left side (compared to the one on the right) a huge distribution of ambidexterity values, and a very small one on the right.

Since the data is positively skewed, I also made a histogram of the logged values of 'ambidexterity.' Maybe not surprisingly at all, but the small distribution on the right is completely absorbed in the newly normal distribution of the logged values.

Enclosed you can find the two histograms.

My question is, how can I know whether there are two distributions for this variable, or just one? (E.g. Which histogram is appropriate in this scenario, or is there maybe a statistical test for it?)

Thanks a lot :)


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What is your hypothesis for the cause of the two distributions? Can you just stratify on that to show the two distributions seperated out?