Interpretation of interaction effect (moderator)


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Hi all!

I'm working on my dissertation and I'm not able to properly interpret/understand what the effects are the interactions I've gotten so I would greatly appreciate it if some of you could help me here :)

To give some background: I'm researching the ''Willingness to disable adblockers (WTDA)'' and I'm using the following equation: Y(WTDA)= b0 + b1*Framing + b2*Incentive + b3*Websitetype + b4*(Framing*Incentive) + b5 (Framing*Websitetype) + b6*(Framing * Empathy) + ei

The dependent variable WTDA is measured on a 7 point likert scale (1-7), where 7 is highest willingness

Framing takes two values: Positive (1) OR Negative (0)
takes two values: Non-monetary (1) OR Monetary (0)
takes two values: Usergencontent (1) OR Non-UGC (0)

Empathy was measured on a 7 point Likert scale (1-7), where is the highest Empathy possible. Empathy was introduced to find out whether this personality trait moderates the effect of framing on WTDA.


I've attached the results from the linear regression.

The following is clear to me: Incentives negatively moderates the relationship between framing and WTDA and Empathy positively moderates the relationship between framing and willingness. WebsiteType does not significantly moderates the relationship between framing and willingness.

I'm struggling to interpret the data further, what can I further say about the numbers related to the moderation (-0.790 and 0.213)? What does using a monetary incentive for example lead to when paired with positive/negative framing? Can we say anything about that?

Many thanks in advance!