Interpreting correlation split file data


I ran a split file correlation with the race as a group. I am not sure how to interpret a section of this chart, particularly the last section which is labeled "9.00." Is that a summary? What does that mean?

Thank you,
Not being able to see the rest of this output screen, I have to guess that you have assigned the value of 9 to entries that are missing an ethnic identification. Yes?

What exactly are you trying to do? You may want to start by running some simple crosstabs and descriptive statistics -- that will show you totals that should help you interpret correlation numbers. Remember that N is the number of cases. So you can see that FathersEd to MothersEd is consistent for each group and MathScreening is also consistent to both FathersEd and MothersEd for all groups as well. Does that make sense?