interpreting results and selecting a model


I have a problem with interpreting results from unit root tests and ACF and PACF tests. I have done all the calculations and now I do not know how to proceed:
If the test shows there is a unit root?
If the test shows there is correlation?
Could you please help me with a model selection as well. For example if this is the case: Standard T
Parameter Value Error Statistic
----------- ----------- ------------ -----------
C -7.1366e-005 0.00052468 -0.1360
AR(1) -0.24509 0.32706 -0.7494
MA(1) 0.28515 0.32362 0.8811
K 4.6868e-005 8.4098e-006 5.5731
GARCH(1) 0.85917 0.014733 58.3160
ARCH(1) 0.095584 0.0097975 9.7560

what does it say?

Thank you very much.

Tzveta Iordanova