Interpreting SPSS Pearson correlation

Hi All,

I recently came across a statistics question that presented the following situation:

A nurse researcher wishes to analyze the entrance test scores and final GPA of undergraduate nursing students at a well-known school of nursing.

She obtains the following output from her statistical analysis:
(please see attached)

Can she conclude that the final GPA was significantly different from the initial screening scores? Yes or No

For this question I would put No because the nurse researcher ran a Pearson correlation and not a paired t-test. In this case the p value of 0.05 suggests the r value of 0.617 is significant (although this is based on only 10 observations). So, at this point all the researcher can say is that the screen scores and final GPAs are correlated.

I was told the correct answer is Yes. Why would this be?

Thank you for any clarification you can give me on this.