is it paired thorugh judgement

could any one help . I have an assumption of independent data . though it came from different file two different format. any expert help me
is it paired or independent data

Suppose a computer program was run on 20 different files. Each file was available in two different formats: Zip and XML. The execution time (time from the beginning till the end of the program in milliseconds) is recorded on both the file formats for each file. Few examples of execution times of that program are shown in the following table, where each row represents one file format and each column represents a particular file.
File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4 File 5 File 6 File 7
Zip 10 44 65 77 43 44 22
XML 20 55 75 60 55 88 35


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You have 2 measurements for each file. If you want to conpare measurements between programs, then execution times are paired (n=20).

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