is it possible to convert a pass or fail data into quantifiable data for thesis?

our thesis is about personality factors affecting performance. and their performance is evaluated to either pass or fail only since its for a license. is it possible for it to be converted into quantifiable or usable data in our study? or does it still require a scale for it to be correlated to the personality factors?

what statistics can we use for this kind of data?


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In particular, you can convert it to binary (0 or 1), call it categorical and select the best procedure that uses a binary categorical variable as the dependent variable.


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It depends on what your explanatory variables are formatted as and how many there are. Your options will likely be chi-squared, Fishers Exact, or logistic regression.
there's one independent variable which is personality factors of HEXACO (honesty-humility, emotionality, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness... with 10 subfacets under each.) and one dependent variable, job performance, which is rated as either pass or fail.

I've never encountered Fishers Exact in my stat before but I'll try to look into it. Logistic regression seems like the one that can fit in our study now.

Thank you!!


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Fisher's exact test is used when you have small samples or fewer than 5 counts in a cell of your 2x10 table. What is your sample size?
oh i see. as of now I cannot answer that yet since we're still gathering our data. we're just looking through the possible stat treatments that we can submit to our statistician :) so thank you!