Is the Chi-Squared test a suitable way to analyse this data? PLEASE HELP!!

I have 2 data sets, one is my control, one experimental, and I have 4 distinct phenotypes resulting, which I'll call A, B, C and D.

Control: A - n=18, B - n=0, C - n=0, D - n=0
Experimental: A - n= 3, B - n=20, C- n= 0, D - n=0.

What I want to show is that in the experimental case, the number falling into B is stat sig. (which just looking at the numbers seems pretty clear to me), but nonetheless I need to do a test on it.... I'm just not sure what to do..???



Dark Knight
You don't require any statistical test here.( :pIt will be bit funny if you do stat stuff here).
If you wanted to do statistical test, you can try Chi-Square Test for Homogeneity.
Thanks for your reply, but I'm not sure I understand why I wouldn't need stats here...? :( I'd be really grateful if you could explain a bit more! :tup: