Is the following testable? I think so and have chosen Friedmans test, is it correct?

Hello TS people,

Thanks for talking a look at my question/problem, I am new, you can check out my introduction topic on the appropriate forum.

I am planning a set of experiments and would like to be able to present them to my Prof. with a sound set of workable statistics.

Predator prey relationships is the topic. I am testing 10 predators and giving them a choice of 4 prey items, two test items and two controls (+ve and -ve). I wanted to Rank the choices, 1-4 (A-D) for each prey item, assigning a rank of 5 to the possibility that the predator did not eat all the prey items. Therefore 5 possible scores.

Secondly, I would record the time taken between each attack on the prey item, for example, predator 1 took 10secs to attack prey item 1, a further 15secs for prey item 4, another 32secs for prey item 2 and it did not attack prey item 3 (predator left for a period of 60s after before being removed).

I wanted to use Friedmans Test to look for differences (or one-way ANOVA with repeated measures for a prametric alternative) between the times the different prey items were attacked and Wilcoxon Signed Rank test to determine where the differences are if any.

It would be very much appreciated if anyone could comment on the workability of this experiment.

With kind regards and many thanks.

Samuel Waldron