Is this a 3-way mixed ANOVA?

I would be very grateful if you could help me:
I am carrying out an experiment.

I have 3 demographic groups (mothers, carers and old people).

I will give them a survey BEFORE to measure their awareness of my product AND also to measure whether they can use my product successfully.

Each of the 3 groups will be split into 4, and each split will receive one type of educational training (i.e. 1/4 of the mothers will receive training 1, 1/4 will receive training 2, 1/4 will receive training 3, 1/4 will receive training 4; and 1/4 of the carers will receive training 1, 1/4 training 2 etc)

I will then ask them to complete the survey AFTER simply measuring their ability to use my product successfully.

I want to understand which training works best for each group.

Is this a 3-way mixed ANOVA? I would control for awareness variable.

I am assuming:
Dependent variable = ability to use the product successfully
Repeated measures = time (before & after)
Between measures = training type AND demographic group

Have I got this right?
Thank you
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Yes, it sounds like a 2 x 4 x 3 mixed ANOVA, with time as the within subjects factor (pre and post) and training (4 levels) and groups (3 levels) as the between subjects factors.

However, just to let you know that your design might mean that your results will be confusing to analyse, given the number of between subjects factors.