Is this an interval variable?

The variable is called "externalizing behaviours" and it has the numbers 9,7,7,3,11,6,2,6,6,9.
I assume that the numbers show the amount of externalizing behaviour because the question says it was an observation.

Is this interval/ratio? I think it is interval (rather than ordinal) because 7 is exactly 2 more than 9 and so on.
But I'm not sure, could it be ordinal?

Thank you


TS Contributor
Is externalizing behaviors literally a count of the number of behaviors that were externalized, or is it a scale similar to asking "how satisfied were you with this purchase 1-10?" If the latter, the variable is ordinal because you can't reasonably justify that the difference of 2 means the same thing from 7 to 9 vs 3 to 5 and that it is the same between people (experimental units).