Issues with Star Plots


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Hi Everyone!
This may sound silly, but for some reason I can't get R to plot pretty star diagrams using stars(). The 'wheels' that I get don't look right (i.e. they don't match my data), so now I'm thinking there must be a problem with the way I've set up my input data. (I'm new to R, can you tell?;)

So a simple question, really: What does my data frame need to look like to get star plots? I have 3 different 'treatments', with 4 different variables each. So I would like three different segment diagrams, each with four segments of varying lengths...if that makes sense.

If I use a data frame of 3 rows (treatments) x 4 columns (variables) and type in "stars(mydata, draw.segments = TRUE)", then I get only one star plot in addition to the unit key. Why?

Any advice would be most welcome!!



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Are you sure you're only getting one one plot? Note that by default stars scales the data so that the minimum value in a column goes to 0 and the max goes to 1. So some star plots can just look like lines and not like stars.


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Hey Dason - thanks for the response. And yeah, just after I posted this question I kind of figured that out too...You're right, my scaling was all wrong. So that's taken care of a major issue, which is great! Thanks!!