jeromyanglim: Howdy

I just stumbled on this site, and was pleased to see the good quality answers.
I'm particularly interested in psychology, statistics, and open source statistical computing (particularly R). I've been contributing a fair bit to, and questions with the R tag on StackOverflow.

I also blog about psychology and statistics.
I was pleased to find a dedicated forum for psychology and statistics questions on this site and look forward to contributing answers.


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Re: Howdy

I never said "Hi" so I'll go ahead and say it now. It's been a while since you've been here but I've noticed your activity with knitr over at SO so I figured I'd say hi and I hope you come back soon.


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Hi Jeremy. I've seen some of your posts on stats.stackexchange and also a lot on the Cognitive Sciences stack exchange. Very glad to have you here at TS.