[JMP 8.0] - Split-plot repeated measures

I'm having some trouble with the analysis of a rather large data set for my honours thesis. The experiment looks at changes in root dynamics under fertilization and mowing over both time and depth.

It is set up as a completely randomized design, with 12 main plots. The fertilizer treatment was applied to the main plot at one of two levels (fertilized, or control). Within each of these 12 plots, there were two subplots. One subplot was mowed, and one wasn't. The response (root standing crop) was measured within each subplot at several depths and over 8 time periods.

It seems to me like this is a split-plot design, with fertilization as the whole plot factor and mowing as the split-plot factor... but I also have repeated measures in both time and space (depth).

I understand how to specify a basic split-plot/repeated measures model in JMP, but cannot figure out how to fit the model to incorporate both the split-plot and repeated measures components.

If anybody has any advice, it would be much appreciated!