[JMP 8] Performing a Kaplan Meier Survival Analysis

Hi all,

I would like to perform a Kaplan Meier curve with JMP 8.

It seems easy but I have a problem:
My sample is composed of people which die after a certain amount of time. However some people will not be dead at the end.
When I enter my data in my table, I input the time necessary for them to die. Therefore I have missing value in my table for the one who do not die.

When I perform a survival analysis, JMP will only consider the people with a time to event...and therefore do not include the others which for me seems to be important too.

Can some1 help me with this matter pls?

Thank your very much !


TS Contributor
"However some people will not be dead at the end."
So these people are right-censored observations?
You should have their censored time as well (at the end of the experiment)?
thank you for your answer! I was finally able to do it.

Indeed, I was missing the censored part of my data and that is why it did not work properly !!!

Thank you so much!
Can you also help me for this:
I would like to test the impact of several parameters against the survival curve.
For character nominal value, I have used the survival analysis and included my parameter to test in the grouping value. It seems to work well when I have only 2 groups.
However when the parameter to test have several category, I only have a global statistical value and still I don't know which is significant compare to what...

Have you some ideas?

Also when I want to test a continuous numeric value to this survival curve...I don't know which test I have to do...

Any help is welcome.