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Its been a while since I posted to talk stats, if anyone is interested in the below job description let me know. requires MS degree, essentially entry level. You can send resume through private post on this site.

Social & Scientific Systems is seeking Research Analysts for SSS’
Information Management System (IMS) Support contract of the National
Children’s Study (NCS). They will be expected to understand best
practices on data management and programming. The ideal candidates
will be self-motivated research-oriented problem solvers, who
communicate well with the team, and are sensitive to working with
clients with deliverables and deadlines. Candidates will be expected
to have strong SAS programming skills, including familiarity with
macros and demonstrated experience working with complex and
disorganized data. SQL programming, R, Python and data visualization
experience is a plus. Experience in surveys, clinical trials, or
observational studies is preferred.
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