Julia looks pretty nice


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Good now that I have you're attention thinking this thread would be about a sexy woman; I would like to introduce the language Julia..

How does it look to you guys? Has anybody used it? Or do you guys know anyone who uses it?



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I haven't heard julia as a language(thanks for introducing this). I guess it is recently introduced. The description of the language is interesting.


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vinux, you should pay attention to the chatbox more. We've talked at length about julia! Haven't tried it yet. Got enough on my plate. I guess I should download it, though, so I could at least have the ability to toy with it to pass the time when I'm distracting myself.


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Incredibly helpful guys, though this points to a huge drawback of the chatbox; there is no way to get to that discussion about Julia (only 300+ posters can access the archives and even then try searching through it for something useful).

Therefore, I will conclude that it is unethical to discuss such subjects in the chatbox! Chatbox should be reserved for mindless banter, and that this should be heavily enforced by the mods ;) [I know Dason is already championing this :p ]