Kaplan Meier Survival analysis in SPSS

I am doing comparative survival analysis between actual overall survival and predicted overall survival by web-based tool.
I need to calculate overall survival percentage of whole data for each tool with kaplan meier curves.
I am putting follow-up months in Time, status as death OR recurrence.
However, I am not sure which factor should be kept in the factor BOX ?

I can get the results from individual factor like (age, gender etc), but how to get overall survival result of whole data ?

Then based on the result how to perform t-test to get p-values of <0.05 from the comparison between model-predicted OS and patients’ actual OS.

I will be much grateful for your expert opinion on this matter.
best regards.
Hi! Regarding my question, I can inbox similar study which I am talking about,
I will be grateful if some one can help me.
best regards.