Know what I need to do, but no clue how to do it! Engineering thesis help!!

Negative Binomial Regression with Repeated Measures possible in SPSS?

I'm working on my thesis in civil engineering. I am trying to create an equation to predict the number of crashes along a highway segment using Negative Binomial Regression with Repeated Measures.

The way I am trying to do it has been done before and is discussed here in this federal report (with all the statistics talk that goes over my head!):

From looking at the report, I know I need the regression coefficents to create the equation, just don't know how to get there, this is way above the statistics I have taken.

I am attempting to do it using data for my state. I have SPSS on my computer (I've been told SAS is better, but have very limited access to it. If you think I need to use that instead, I can, but I'll definitely be needing help)

If you need more information, please let me know.

Thank you so much for any help!!
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