Latent class analysis in XLStat

I did an Latent class analysis in XLStat on a data set of 1257 participants where they were asked how much time they spend on entertainment content in the news, radio, PC and TV where they could answer from 1) 0-30 min ,2) 30 mins-2 hours, 3) 2 hours+.In the options tab under the "observations/variables table" I inserted the chosen data and defined the amount of clusters ranging from 1 to 6. The problem is that in every cluster model there is an added 4'th answer where the value is almost always 0 except in the last cluster of a specific model where the value is always close to 100%. What is this 4'th option, why does it appear and how can i get rid of it. Here are 2 examples of what i mean on a 6 and 4 cluster model.
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hmm I just realized that this 4th option is probably the system missing data, il try to remove them and redo the analysis

Edit: Nope thats not it
Edit: whops,nope, as it turned out it was the system missing group
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