Learning macros


Fortran must die
I am not awesome in code and am painfully learning SAS macros. Anyone know a easy, starting level source for this?


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No, I truly fail at macros. I can't even get other peoples macros to work unless they provide a very detailed example.

I know there are two types (I think). If I use them it is for changing a value or variable in a bunch of code, the ol' &var style approach. Learn all about them and teach me or provide me your code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fortran must die
lol I will have to charge you my doctoral rate (which I think is below minimum wage for the state).

I have used macros before, I simply don't know how to write them myself. It might be optimistic assuming I can. If nothing else I might be better able to understand what other people's macros are doing, which is useful.

If I ever reach the point of understanding them I will send you my notes aka summaries if you are still interested :p

%varname is simply how you define or redefine the value that a macro variable takes on :)