Learning SAS


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I know if you asked me for R tutorials, I have a number of sites I can direct you toward (e.g., Quick-R). I do not have the same directory for learning SAS, and really there is a lot I should commit myself to learning to do with SAS. I often hate having to use SAS, but largely that is because if I needed to run an analysis it is usually point-and-click or I'm using SAS/base to manipulate data or do basic analyses. I hate the former and using SAS for the latter is often an ugly approach compared to doing it in R or just using PROC SQL. Thus, I avoided learning the depth that SAS has to offer. Like a lot of other statistical systems out there, they all seem to have an option to "experiment" or "explore" new modes of analysis by implementing R code within their system, SAS is no exception I found out (Thanks Dason!).

Therefore, I'm particularly interested in learning SAS/IML, which has their facilities to implement R within SAS, as well as explore data. I'm also looking for a good reference guide for SAS/Stat and anything to do with their Data Mining capabilities. Additionally, I've been kind of impressed with the ODS graphics, but haven't had a chance to learn the nitty gritty about them. I think a solid foundation in these SAS methods will help improve my career capabilities, and right now I could use that.

So, SAS users, what do you have for your tutorials, literature, and references for learning SAS? Do you have any good eDocs you keep on hand for just such a need? Any interesting articles that cover special topics you think would be good to know? I'm all about learning, and I think this would be a good place to share!


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I wish I could help but I'm not the best with SAS and most of what I've learned has been from learning certain things in classes (but mostly from learning from other people's code that I work with).