likelihood ratio for censored data


I'm working on multiply censored data. In order to check which is the law my data follow(weib vs exp), i need to do a test. For the moment, the best (and easier) test i find to test this, is the test of likelihood ratio...
but i can't find any kind of way to define the statistics of you have ideas?

moreover, another option could be to use a kind of kolmogorov-smirnov test for censored data (an article of barr and davidson talks about this) but i can't find the table for a big number of data. Do you know if i can find this somewhere or if a monte carlo simulation if necessary to solve this problem?



Dark Knight
" multiply censored data." I didn't get this part.
MINITAB has option for checking distribution of the survival data ( data with censors).
Otherwise, hope you have right censored data. In that case you can find the empircal distribution(for kaplan meir estimates, see this link and compare with the standard distribution and you can do Kolmogrov Smirnoff test.