Likert scale and zscores (transformation)

Hello everyone,
I am facing a really interesting issue. I am not strong at SPSS so do not judge me too harsh please. I am working on ientifying predictive validity of a psychometric assessment. Two of them.
I have the following type of data:
1. Job performance evaluation - 5point Likert scale
2. Psychometric assessment presented with zscores.
3. Another psychometric assessment results are presented in also Likert scale from 3 to 12. Why 3 to 12. because each scale consisted of subscales (7 scales each 3 subscales, each of subscales to be evaluated based on 1-4 Likert Scale).

So now I need to compare 1 to 2 and 1 to 3. then compare the results to each other to see which test had higher predictive validity.

Do I need to transform data? because I think that I cannot run SPSS with two different types of data such as zscores and Likert scale data.

What would you recommend?



TS Contributor
What exactely do you mean by "compare", what do you want to achieve with your analysis?

And what do you mean by z scores here, are these normative values?

With kind regards