Linear Regression in Excel...


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Hello everyone !

If you don't mind, a question regarding linear regression in Excel.

I will be having a an Intro to Statistics test in May and regression may very well be on it. I want to make sure I understand the jist of the information, particularly its application via excel. I am crap at Statistics and am very much trying to reverse this by several hours a day of study.

Here is how I have been going about performing linear regression in Excel. I have seen / read / been told of a few different ways of doing this. Here is how i do it.

My question : Is this suitable / am I missing anything ?

Essentialy, we are wanting to see how two variables are related ... ( i know multi-variate regression is possible but this is outside the scope of the module)

1.) From Data , create a Scatterplot
(using Chart wizard, etc)

2.) Add trendline to data
(click on graph, --> Chart --> Add Trendline --> Linear

3.) Obtain y data
(tools --> data analysis --> Regression --> enter x,y range )

4.) Display (as y=mx + b ) and Interpret (we need the R square , Intercept and X variables)

- The R value tells how strong (-1, 0, 1) the correlation is between the two variables (some relationships are non-linear though)

- The purpose of the regression line being to minimize vertical distance to data points...


Again, this is for Intro to Statistics... am I getting the basics ?

Thanks !
"The purpose of the regression line being to minimize vertical distance to data points"

THe purpose of the regression line is to show the relationship between the dependent and independent variables as u stated before


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Cheers, Freewind! Super.. saves time as well - perfect - yea, im rather new to Excel and don't know little goodies like that yet .