Linear Regression Master Thesis


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Dear all,

I have a question regarding the regression method I need to apply to my research. This is only an extra method I have to apply in order to back my results.

I have to apply regression analysis to my research and the situation is the following:

Ik have 6 roles, which act as dependent variables. These are 6 roles, which each company had to state "yes" or "no" whether they have this role. I changed these into 0's and 1's.

I also have 4 possible determinants. These act as independent variables. Each variable is different and I gave each class a number. For instance the variable 'BusinessLifeCycle' is translated into: 1=Start-Up, 2=Growth, 3=Maturity and 4=Decline.

Now I have to find the correct method in order to check whether or not these 4 variables influence the 6 roles as a whole. I need to be able to say 'this variable does/not influence the roles of the firm'.

I am not sure which method is in place here ..
Thanks in advance,