Linear Regression Models

I am being asksed if an equation is linear in the paramenters or variables and I am a bit lost. I understand that for something to be linear it cant be rasied to a power. But my question is if I have:
e^B1+B2Xi+ui and
lnYi=lnB1+B2 ln Xi+ui
1 and 2 after the Bs are subscripts. Are these linear? How do you bring something down out of the power of e? Im not sure if Im even asking this the right way. If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.
I guess I dont understand if the ln or e make this linear.


TS Contributor
y=a+bx this linear in the parameters. y=a+bx^2 also linear in the parameters.
log(y)=a+bx, this generalised linear since the y is not linear in the parameters but the log of y is.